The Beginning of My Happy Days

Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra. I am a senior at Old Dominion University double majoring in (1) Business Analytics with a concentration in Marketing and (2) Marketing.Aside from school my days are quite empty. My job at the moment is a bit slow (Thank you real estate market), and I have always had a dream of being able to work at home. As my brain began to turn I came across blogging, in the beginning I always told myself it would be impossible to make this a job. But as I kept doing my research I found more and more people being able to do this and love their job, It has not left my mind since. If you are a lover of good foods, fitness, and/or cute loveable pets then you are in the right place. I strive to be a happy person and my hope is that you will leave this blog inspired and hopeful that you can have days filled with happiness doing things you love.

Now that the blog about me is out of the way, why don’t I tell you about me as a person. I am living in my mom’s house with my Handsome man and our two fur babies. The oldest is a yellow Labrador named Buddy and the younger is our princess of a cat Tortilla. Our dream is to buy a house in our twenties, so we are trying not to rent, and instead we are saving up for a down payment. Aside from a room we also occupy space in my mom’s garage for our home gym. I love working out but eating healthy is the hard part for me. I just LOVE sweets. Now that you know me I hope you like me enough to follow this blog and hopefully be on this journey with me as it grows. There are social media buttons down below please go and follow me on those as well. I hope you have a wonderful HAPPY day! (:

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