How to Stay Healthy This Thanksgiving

How To Stay Healthy On Thanksgiving Day!

      Eating healthy everyday of the year is probably the hardest thing to do. Everyone has their cheat days, I admit I have my fair share of unhealthy snacks too. These holidays coming up I know I want to stay healthy and not have to work my butt off getting rid of those extra pounds I gained just from one family gathering! I searched on Pinterest for the most delicious and healthy recipes to substitute for the normal fattening dishes this Thanksgiving. Below I have a list of links to find these recipes so you can have them on your table this holiday as well!  

Need to reach your goals, even over the holiday?

    I have fitness goals and I know a lot of you guys do to! I am trying very hard to not have any cheat meals especially when there are yummy recipes out there that can satisfy my cravings while being healthy and keeping me on track. Why shouldn’t Thanksgiving be any different?   Don’t let yourself get into the thought of having a nice big fattening meal Thursday and then starting a 3 day cleanse that weekend. I’d rather not have to deprive myself for three days or any days for that matter. Check out my list below and comment which recipes are your favorite. If you have tried any please let me know how you liked them. I will try to make some of these before Thanksgiving as well so you guys can have some feed back! Click the picture to visit my Pinterest. 


Skinny Thanksgiving Menu!


You don’t want anyone getting antsy waiting for your dishes to be ready. Have some healthy snacks on hand so they don’t get grumpy!

Healthy Deviled eggs
Cheese, Crackers, and Salami (Great for Kids)
Fruit Tray
Veggie Tray with this Greek Yogurt Dip

Main Dish

Once one of these beautiful dishes come out of the oven no one will question your healthy style Thanksgiving.

Skinny Honey Ham
Or a Vegetarian option (this will lead you to multiple recipes)


Now lets put some of these out to add some color to their plates!

Mashed Potatoes or Mashed Cauliflower and Gravy
*If you are hesitant on cauliflower try a mixture of potato and cauliflower*
Sweet Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole


Possibly my favorite part of dinner! I kept these classic and easy. Remember that they are healthy alternatives to your normal sweets, but moderation is still key.  You can eat leftovers unless they are so delicious everyone eats them!

Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie

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Thank you!
*The Cauliflower/Potato mix leads to shepherds pie but she gives info for the mashed potatoes


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