Hello It’s Me!

Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra and I have a lot on my mind. I spend most of my days at Old Dominion University. When I am home I work out and play with my handsome boy Buddy, and my cutie pie Tortilla. Once they are pooped I work on this blog and spend time with my man. Everything that I talk about on here interests me and I hope it interests you too.

Why My Happy Days?

I┬átry everyday to be a happy person and go to sleep with no ill on my mind. It is hard and a lot of work, but extremely worth it in the end. Fitness gives me a great outlet for anything I have brewing that day. Cooking relaxes me and puts my mind on to calmer things. Everything else on here I just enjoy. You can expect posts from me every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Munchy Mondays will be awesome recipes I make that are found or created. Whatever Wednesdays will have posts about whatever I feel like that day, you can probably expect D.I.Y’s or something about pets. Finally there is Fitness Friday, i’m sure you can figure that topic out. Please take the time to look through my blog and comment on a post that interests you. Also find me on social media below!

I hope you have a wonderful HAPPY day! (:

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